Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Service Contractors Form:

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Hourly Rates for Contract Customers:
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Markup Structures:
Helper Rates (if applicable):
Number of Service Techs:
Number of Trucks:
Are trucks radio dispatched?:
Do you offer 24 hour service?:
At what point do you charge travel time?:
Are you able to schedule PM inspections and complete the work within a 30 day period and invoice within 30 days of completion?:
Is your company minority owned?:
Do you do primarily Residential, Industrial, or Commercial work?:
Do you do refrigeration work?:
Do you do plumbing work?:
Do you do electrical work?:
Do you do duct cleaning?:
Company Owner:
What year was you company established?:
Service Manager:
Does service manager work in field?:
Service Dispatcher/Coordinator:
Service Sales Manager:
Total Sales Volume:
Total Number of Service Contracts:
Does your company provide signed service reports with all invoices with details of work performed?:
Does your company employ qualified chiller techs?
If so, what would the hourly rate be for a chiller tech? $

Percentage of Sales Volume from:

Service Contract Sales %:
Overall Service Sales (including sales contracts) %:
Unit Replacement Sales %:
New Construction Sales %:

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Other services provided as a percentage of total sales:

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